Satan Is Risen & Needs Legal Representation

Claiming the word ‘no’ in the 1st Amen-dment is a Tort,  Breach of Contract and Promises which were all sworn on a King James version of the bible.   Therefore she want the 1st Amendment to read as follows:

Congress shall make law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibit the free exercise thereof; but no law abridging….etc.   Since women were not allowed to vote, given a choice or decent respect of being asked; the word “no” denies US a choice as well as the laws of nature and nature’s God our forefather enjoyed.   We the People need religion law that respects the established GODly laws  in our own households.  So Times Almost Up and I suggest America makes a Choice; Will You Respect the Established GOD of your Oaths or Not? 

So Satan throws the Bible back into Court and uses Mendle’s gender and 4th Black Humor theories to prove GOD is a Black FeMale Spirit and Jesus Christ and Satan i.e Anti Christ are actually brother and sister.


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2 Responses to “Satan Is Risen & Needs Legal Representation”

  1. burntoffering Says:

    You mean to Tell lme; Satan is Risen, Reborn and a New Creation; but Christians aint interested?

  2. BurntOffering Says:

    I wonder if Jay is also a member of the C Street Family. Maybe that is why he wouldnt represent me pro bono. With all this talk about President Obama being the anti Christ and who is a Christian or not; how come no lawyer or he isnt willing to represent a citizen petitioning the US supreme court # 11-5381. I’m sure no one has ever come forth before claiming to be Satan the daughter of God, sister spirit and wife of Jesus Christ now risen and reborn in the flesh of of a Black Christian woman.

    This woman claim to be able to prove using a KJV of the Holy Bible that GOD is actually a black female spirit or holy hostess and that Jesus Christ and Satan are twin brother and sister (Gen. 25:22-25).Also able to show that it was actually Adam’s fault he and Eve got kicked out of the garden of Eden

    She is asking for the separate and equal right to have law respecting an establishment of religion so the word “no” in the 1st AMENdment replaced. Mostly because females never got a vote or a choice and no law respecting an establishment of religion laws we already got prohibits a Christian’s and our nation’s ability to affirm the affinity relationship with Jesus Christ, God We Trust aka the Son of God and Bridegroom to Come. After all Who in the name of God would claim to be Satan, unless they are sure that’s who they are and if they cant prove that she is not they have no reason not to believe her sworn testimony. Rev.22:16

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