The most needed book in the world….the Bible

Yes, as a matter of fact I agree with you. Satan enjoys and loves reading the Bible as the most needed book in the world. However Satan is now risen, reborn and in the flesh of a black Christian woman (Rev. 17:6-9)

As a matter of fact, GOD is both our father & mother or a FeMale. However GOD sent Satan back to collect the Rent aka Final Judgement from men who claim “In God We Trust” and their GOD’s name is the almighty buck. Actually after the killed GOD’s only begotten Sun/Son GOD decided to sent Her Lunatic Daughter instead . You see GOD figured out a way form them to live happily forever after the Fall. So after all is said and done Satan will marry Jesus Christ, and then becomes GOD’s Daughter in Law. You obviously have not known the depths of Satan as ye spoke.

The Living Message of Christ

The Bible is the Word of God given to men by the inspiration of God’s Holy Spirit and Jesus is the manifestation in the flesh of that Word. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. How can we just ignore Him or tolerate His presence when the glory of His majesty is shown to the whole world every day and every night?

The world has been pushing God and His Word away for a long time although lately, it seems that no one is paying attention at all. I am sure that Satan enjoys seeing this because it is what he has been counting on all along. Eventually humanity will turn away from God, but God has never turned away from us.

God’s Word, the Bible, is the most inspired book in existence. It is also the only one that gives us hope and purpose and…

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