Newsvine – Will White people accept GOD is a Black, Fat and Female Spirit#last_1



Gee, thank you for your response and I assure you I Am both my Father’s and Mother’s daughter. Although males have dominated religion due to their gender Rev. 5:2-5 no man could understand or even look upon the book.  So I used  scripture from Gen. 1:27 "male and female made he them" with Mendel’s 4th Black Humor and Gender theories i.e. Xy=All males or fathers and XX=All females or mothers. By adding the genders together as One X(yX)X I identify each member in the Trinity family. Proving “as in heaven so in earth” the Father of Jesus Christ is a FeMale like his Mother in earth.  So the Father=X, Son=y, and Holy Ghost XX is a Daughter=X, or Mother=X as the Holy GHostess=XX.  It’s from Her Heavenly Body Waters and Womb all of us come. By the time God said Let us make man in our own image, after our likeness and let them have dominion, She figured out a way for Her only begotten son “y” and daughter “X” to live happily forever after the fall.

Using the English alphabet A-Z and cardinal numbers 0-9 I reveal the hidden manna promised by Jesus Christ which could only be given to a Woman. Its as though in the beginning we all spoke the Kings English before God turned the language into Babble. So although the bible was derived from Hebrew, Persian and Greek We unknowingly made a game of it like Scrabble. However this Key gives each letter a certain power place position and directive given it by GOD from the very beginning and like a form of Pig Latin. There is a big difference between the words; "nor, or and. And as in Good And Evil are a Pair and Pears or Fruit on the Tree of knowledge of Good And Evil . Those pears had ears to hear what God said to Adam and poor Eve was like a Babe in the woods; she didn’t know Serpents naturally touch trees, don’t like fruit and prefer flesh, blood and meat.

So really thank you for your suggestions, and I still need a lawyer since as Satan, in the flesh I promise to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God, this time.. As GOD as my witness the bible and record shows, I’ve been working for God all along.  Those sons of guns in the GOP willing sold their souls to that Don’t Tread On Me flagpole and tried to rob GOD of the Glory only SHe and Her Son deserves. This story is just in time for the Iroquois Dawn of Democracy Hopi and Mayan Indian 2012 Prophesies.  So as a Maryland citizen, Grateful to Almighty GOD, I think We the People ought to prepare for the End of this World and the start of a Her It Age for a time and time and a half or Double time in years.

Newsvine – Will White people accept GOD is a Black, Fat and Female Spirit#last_1


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