Newsvine – Does Freedom of Religion = Freedom from Religion?#last_1#last_1



Socrates, it still doesnt negate mine since the opposite of no law respecting an establishment of religion, is law respecting an establishment of religion. Especially since Native American Indian Women were head of their household by their religion. NOW Our Nation’s Organizations or Women NOW as "One People" have A Just Cause to Exercise the Duty and Right cited in our Declaration of Independence to Dissolve those Political Bonds and Throw Off that Body of White Christian Republican Government Men who by the word "NO" denied US women their separate and equal rights to have the same "Laws of nature and nature’s GOD" those sons of guns and witches all swore to uphold, So help them God.

Especially since Female were not allowed to vote, given a choice or the decent respect of being asked their religious convictions. Besides that, due to the course of human events it is now a known Fact, males allowed this evil to exist cause they cant stop thinking about sex long enough (less than 3 minutes ……heck for bunch of stuff- but I digress) to do their elected jobs, and forget about trying to Right themselves". Just look at the GOP Congress. Peace Out

Justice Marshall said in Worchester v Georgia "the whole Intercourse of this nation (Cherokee) is vested in Government. So make no mistake when the white man screws a Native American Indian man, it may be politically correct to call it Intercourse- Butt as a Woman whose been through Men O Pause, I know the difference and name it Statutory RAPE RAGE! (Religion Acenstry Political Ethics, Race, Age, Gender and Equal Employment) Discrimination, as well as Breach of Contract, Oaths and Promises they all swore on a bible.,so help them GOD.

Newsvine – Does Freedom of Religion = Freedom from Religion?#last_1#last_1


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One Response to “Newsvine – Does Freedom of Religion = Freedom from Religion?#last_1#last_1”

  1. BurntOffering Says:

    Socrates, just knowing you hear and understood what I’ve said is enough.d I dont need you to agree with me, as I know I can leave people speechless when they realize I am serious.

    PP – The US Supreme Court claims to be nuetral and reason why the 1st AMENdment says “no law respecting and establishment of religion” aka the Establishment Clause was to have a Clear “Church and State Separation” Although this was meant to happen, it did not for some of the reasons you stated. But when we talk about legal stuff it goes by (the Letter of the Law) or exactly what was wrote i.e NO Law respecting an establishment of religion.

    Yes We The People are FREE to worship whatever GOD We Want or Not. But just because our Public Officials cannot be tested on their religion, Does Not mean AMERICAN Can Not Be A Christian Nation, if that’s what We the People Want. Just as Jehovah or I AM is the GOD of Isreal, and Allah the God of Iran, the USSC should allow Jesus Christ to be the GOD of this Nation that’s what the Mayflower Compact implied and they used the Bible as an instrument of law and still do. Now once a time, People thought if you told a lie with your Hand on the Bible; you would drop dead, burst into flames and be sent straight to hell.

    However now on the other Hand, I have said GOD Bless you to someone; who told me right away he took offence and considered it as a Curse against him. Although I was shocked I still apolgized to him, but it does not stop me from saying God Bless You to strangers. I had a co-worker who was a Jehovah’s Witness and it took me months not to say God Bless you to her after she sneezed. I think the biggest problems with Christians is they think they have some sort of Right, either to bring you to Christ or save you from Hell, when they cant even save themselves. Christians should ask the person 1st before praying for them, stopping them from getting an abortion, or Laying any kind of Hands upon them.

    So in closing there is no way in Hell the US Supreme Court is Neutral when for the last 57 years most of the Justices, Clergy, Congress, and even some VPs and Presidents have attended Red Mass. This proves the Powers that Be Dont Trust in GOD as they proclaim since the record shows they use the name of GOD in vain and never knew that GOD’s name. So when I go to Court, I want to know how They can Affirm, Enforce, or Uphold their Oaths, Pledges or Promises made to US All”One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all”, Cause if the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, so Help me GOD be told; All of those Men in the US Supreme Court are Impotent when it comes to their Oaths of Office sworn on a Bible. Besides that I really dont recall God giving ADAM the Right to say NO God; I wont obey or respect your established religion laws, that I swore.

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