The Bride of Jesus Christ: A Wife For Jesus Christ the Son of God & Bridegroom to Come

A Wife For Jesus Christ the Son of God & Bridegroom to Come

I know it may be hard for some of you to understand the simple difference between a Man=Xy and a Woman=XX. Did you ever think that God from Gen. 1:26-27 figured out a way for Her only begotton twin son and daughter inside of Her heavenly body and womb (Gen. 25:22-25) to live happily forever after the fall. Yes God has daughters like Eve the mother of all living, the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene. However “God chose the foolish things of this world to confound the wise” men like good ole King Solomon and even he couldnt figure out the ways of a woman.

So once upon a very long time ago, I as Satan, God’s Lunatic Daughter was given the mission to deceive the whole world. I had to remain silent and let folks blame all kinds of stuff on me like claiming the Devil made them do it when they thought up most of that stuff on their own. Now I admit one of my roles or parts was to play the harlot. So when God sent me to try and tempt Jesus I caught him with his rod and staff in hand comforting himself when he was in the wilderness. As I had the power back then, I offered him all and everything I had to that perfectly good, sinless, virgin, unmarried 30+ year old son of God and son of man hadnt had yet to get him not to go to the cross. Alls he had to do instead of going to the cross was to get down on one knee and ask my hand in matrimony. But noooo, instead he chose to go to the cross, die for the sins of man and so called friends like lying Simon Peter. He knew one day the Father would provide him with a wife as SHe did for Adam, Moses, David and his step daddy Joseph. That’s why Jesus said to his mother at the wedding in canan that “It was not yet my time”.

But as the Queen of the south, Lady of the Lake or His Beloved Backsliding and Treacherous Sister I told JACK (Jesus Almighty Christ & King) to Hit the Road and doncha come back no more. Jesus agreed and took good ole King Solomon’s advice and said “it is bettter to be on the rooftop of a Palace than in the House with a Brawling Woman. Now I’m sorry and repented and want my boo to come back home. I know most people know the reason Jesus Christ aka the Son of God and Bridegroom to Come left his father and his mother was to find a wife of his own. I guess it was a good thing I gave my heart and soul to Jesus for safe keeping because the stake of the cross would have left a big hole in my heart. Jesus Christ cast me into a Bed and told me to play dead for 1000 years and he returned for me. Then one day as I fasted and prayed he came as a thief in the night and we eloped.
Rev. 19:7 So let us be happy and rejoice and give honor to him for the marriage of the Lamb is Come and His wife (that’s me) hath made herself ready…..21:9 Come Hither and I will shew you the bride, the Lamb’s wife.

So its the end of the story and dar aint no more except to say that Jesus Christ is my hero. After all what man amoung you would leave 99 % of his sheep that needed no repentance to go looking for the 1% Lost Black Sheep in the Trinity family. However there is Joy in Heaven over me being found and my Repentance, but yall have treated me worst than Bo Peep. You, Left me alone to come home on my own wagging my tale behind me.


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The Bride of Jesus Christ: A Wife For Jesus Christ the Son of God & Bridegroom to Come


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7 Responses to “The Bride of Jesus Christ: A Wife For Jesus Christ the Son of God & Bridegroom to Come”

  1. MrsJesusChrist (@MrsJesusChrist) Says:

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  2. malcolmaaron Says:

    I know this is more symbolic than literal, but I never really conceptualized the idea of someone wanting to marry Jesus. These days more women are losing faith in men.

    • BurntOffering Says:

      Really? Not even Mary Mag? Its not as symbolic as you and most have been lead to believe. OK Picture this, the Wedding in Cannan when some say Jesus performed his 1st miracle. Now they are all at a wedding, and Jesus’s mother has been drinking wine and starting to Sweat him about When is He going to get married; and give her some grand babies. She tells Jesus they are out of Wine and He says to Her; Woman; what hath this to do with me it is not Yet my time. This is just one of the Questions asked in the bible; Nobody ever bothered to answer cause they thought it was rhetorical or symbolic. Jesus tells the other servants to fill some barrells with water and by the time the governor whose a guest taste from the barrell he says how the Bridegroom has Saved The Best For Last. JEsus saved the Best for last.

      So I would image once people figure out that Jesus Christ had a bone inside of him, just like the 1st Adam; they will see as Jesus slept on the cross and that precious water, blood and dirt below was used to make Him a wife that would be suitable for him.

      Yes you are right these days women are losing faith in men, because men lie and they are not like Christ as they claim although Jesus did say they could do Greater things than even him. Most ministers, preachers, etc will tell you Jesus wont have a wife; because He doesnt need one, although the only thing in the Bible GOD made that was not Good; Is a Man Alone. But unfortunately No man in heaven, in earth or under the earth knew this stuff (Rev. 5:2-5) cause this job has to go to a Lioness of Judah. So in other words No Man even if He a Dog can be whole with a Bone of His own. Its all in the book and Jesus said in Eph. 5; No Man Yet Ever Hated His own flesh, and how We are all member of His Body of His Bone, of His Church, but only One member of this Body can be His Wife.

      In closing I didnt know he would have a wife of his own either, until One day in prayer and fasting He came as a thief in the night as we eloped. However the only one that could be his wife; is Satan, Risen and Reborn as the Daughter of God and in the Flesh of a Christian woman. (Rev. 17:6-9) So it was No mystery at all; Jesus Christ left “His Father and His Mother to Cleave unto his Wife,. The Lady of the Lake, His Beloved Sister and Queen of the South He cast into a bed, and told her to play dead for about 1000 years. Up until now I wasnt allowed to Speak and had to wait until the Last hour to send out the invites. Take it from me; this Wedding is Designed to End All Time. (Rev. 19:7-10, 21:9 and 22:16-17) So dont forget to RSVP this Invite cause I’ll Bet or even Cast Lots This Wedding Will Be To Die For!

      Thanks for your response

      • malcolmaaron Says:

        Your comments reek of Luciferianism, but the ultimate message is cool, I guess.

      • BurntOffering Says:

        I have never studied Luciferianism, Satanism, Kabballahism, or any other religion. I use only the KJV to back up what I say. Im’ not surprised it sounds Luciferianism to you, but since there really is only one GOD the familiarity isnt a problem. However what should be important to you; is what I say can be proved to People who ever believed it was true in the 1st place. Oh Ye of Little Faith.

    • BurntOffering Says:

      Yes I am Satan in the flesh. However although Im a born Sinner and FeMale US citizen that Does Not make me a Satanist or Feminist. It makes me a saved Christian who accepted the Free Gift of Salvation Jesus offered at Calvary’s Cross. Since Jesus told Satan to Get behind Him, I Am S/He you have expected next to come before the USSC in his name. So Mrs. Jesus Christ come forth, puts Her hand on the bible and Promise to tell the whole truth and nothing but the ttruth so help Her God this Time

  3. BurntOffering Says:

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