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Dems Fire Back At GOP Proposals To Drug Test Jobless: ‘You Pee In The Cup’

January 7, 2012

From what I see the only explanation I can get from these sons of Guns and GOPs past Methods of Madness surely suggest they all have to be on Meth.  Did we forget that the Florida Governor who started this BS owns the testing lab and results showed of those tested 1% of used drugs. They have Joe Walsh who wont pay child support.  We have front runners Newt Leroy Gingrich and past speaker of the House kicked out by them whose allowed to preach all kinds of Hate speech against poor Janitors and their kids.  We also have Rick Santorum he doesn’t want to give Blach Peoples other peoples money and Newt saying is Black peoples fault knowing its Not.   We have Willard Mitt Romney saying Corporations are People, as Scalia and Thomas have ex parte conversations with Koch Brothers who think they should not recuse themselves.

The Dems need to do More than just fire back at the GOP proposal and start Impeachment proceeding against all those sons of guns in the GOP and Governors for Conspiracy, Corruption of Blood and Treason the President of the USA and We the People who elected him.  As evidence of their conspiracy is their expressed Intent to make Obama a One Term President, or Default on the Full Faith and Credit of the USA.  The GOP clearly Abused their Power with Historic Filer-busters, Failed to Act or do their sworn jobs in favor of a pledge made to a lobbyist and conspired with Governors to enacted unconstitutional laws since the 2012 election that directly affect Abortion, Health, Union, and Voting Rights of Women.  Dems need to light a fire under the Department of Justice for acting like WE have to wait until after the 2012 election, when that is BS and they charge them all Right NOW.

I believe our Declaration of Independence recognizes this as A Just Cause to Dissolve and Throw Off a white Christian body of republican men since the DOI states, “When in the Course of Human events it becomes necessary to Dissolve the Political bands that have connected them with another and to assume among the Powers of the Earth, the Separate and Equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them a decent respect to the opinion of mankind require they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self evident; that “although God made man 1st and all men are created equal, women made 2nd and created last are better and greater than the alpha males compared to females who are their Beta.  Besides that it is a known fact that males cannot stop thinking about sex long enough to do their elected jobs much less Right themselves. Especially since Woman were not allowed to vote, ever given a choice or decent respect of being asked their religion convictions.   Well at least, that’s my opinion and I thank you all for listening.   Peace out 

Dems Fire Back At GOP Proposals To Drug Test Jobless: ‘You Pee In The Cup’


Newsvine – Does Freedom of Religion = Freedom from Religion?#last_1#last_1

December 20, 2011



Socrates, it still doesnt negate mine since the opposite of no law respecting an establishment of religion, is law respecting an establishment of religion. Especially since Native American Indian Women were head of their household by their religion. NOW Our Nation’s Organizations or Women NOW as "One People" have A Just Cause to Exercise the Duty and Right cited in our Declaration of Independence to Dissolve those Political Bonds and Throw Off that Body of White Christian Republican Government Men who by the word "NO" denied US women their separate and equal rights to have the same "Laws of nature and nature’s GOD" those sons of guns and witches all swore to uphold, So help them God.

Especially since Female were not allowed to vote, given a choice or the decent respect of being asked their religious convictions. Besides that, due to the course of human events it is now a known Fact, males allowed this evil to exist cause they cant stop thinking about sex long enough (less than 3 minutes ……heck for bunch of stuff- but I digress) to do their elected jobs, and forget about trying to Right themselves". Just look at the GOP Congress. Peace Out

Justice Marshall said in Worchester v Georgia "the whole Intercourse of this nation (Cherokee) is vested in Government. So make no mistake when the white man screws a Native American Indian man, it may be politically correct to call it Intercourse- Butt as a Woman whose been through Men O Pause, I know the difference and name it Statutory RAPE RAGE! (Religion Acenstry Political Ethics, Race, Age, Gender and Equal Employment) Discrimination, as well as Breach of Contract, Oaths and Promises they all swore on a bible.,so help them GOD.

Newsvine – Does Freedom of Religion = Freedom from Religion?#last_1#last_1

The Bride of Jesus Christ: A Wife For Jesus Christ the Son of God & Bridegroom to Come

December 20, 2011

A Wife For Jesus Christ the Son of God & Bridegroom to Come

I know it may be hard for some of you to understand the simple difference between a Man=Xy and a Woman=XX. Did you ever think that God from Gen. 1:26-27 figured out a way for Her only begotton twin son and daughter inside of Her heavenly body and womb (Gen. 25:22-25) to live happily forever after the fall. Yes God has daughters like Eve the mother of all living, the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene. However “God chose the foolish things of this world to confound the wise” men like good ole King Solomon and even he couldnt figure out the ways of a woman.

So once upon a very long time ago, I as Satan, God’s Lunatic Daughter was given the mission to deceive the whole world. I had to remain silent and let folks blame all kinds of stuff on me like claiming the Devil made them do it when they thought up most of that stuff on their own. Now I admit one of my roles or parts was to play the harlot. So when God sent me to try and tempt Jesus I caught him with his rod and staff in hand comforting himself when he was in the wilderness. As I had the power back then, I offered him all and everything I had to that perfectly good, sinless, virgin, unmarried 30+ year old son of God and son of man hadnt had yet to get him not to go to the cross. Alls he had to do instead of going to the cross was to get down on one knee and ask my hand in matrimony. But noooo, instead he chose to go to the cross, die for the sins of man and so called friends like lying Simon Peter. He knew one day the Father would provide him with a wife as SHe did for Adam, Moses, David and his step daddy Joseph. That’s why Jesus said to his mother at the wedding in canan that “It was not yet my time”.

But as the Queen of the south, Lady of the Lake or His Beloved Backsliding and Treacherous Sister I told JACK (Jesus Almighty Christ & King) to Hit the Road and doncha come back no more. Jesus agreed and took good ole King Solomon’s advice and said “it is bettter to be on the rooftop of a Palace than in the House with a Brawling Woman. Now I’m sorry and repented and want my boo to come back home. I know most people know the reason Jesus Christ aka the Son of God and Bridegroom to Come left his father and his mother was to find a wife of his own. I guess it was a good thing I gave my heart and soul to Jesus for safe keeping because the stake of the cross would have left a big hole in my heart. Jesus Christ cast me into a Bed and told me to play dead for 1000 years and he returned for me. Then one day as I fasted and prayed he came as a thief in the night and we eloped.
Rev. 19:7 So let us be happy and rejoice and give honor to him for the marriage of the Lamb is Come and His wife (that’s me) hath made herself ready…..21:9 Come Hither and I will shew you the bride, the Lamb’s wife.

So its the end of the story and dar aint no more except to say that Jesus Christ is my hero. After all what man amoung you would leave 99 % of his sheep that needed no repentance to go looking for the 1% Lost Black Sheep in the Trinity family. However there is Joy in Heaven over me being found and my Repentance, but yall have treated me worst than Bo Peep. You, Left me alone to come home on my own wagging my tale behind me.


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The Bride of Jesus Christ: A Wife For Jesus Christ the Son of God & Bridegroom to Come

Newsvine – Will NY Post & Racist Republicans Read My Lips, Mind and/or In Between the Lines#c20882490

December 19, 2011


Newsvine – Will NY Post & Racist Republicans Read My Lips, Mind and/or In Between the Lines#c20882490

Newsvine – Will White people accept GOD is a Black, Fat and Female Spirit#last_1

December 18, 2011



Gee, thank you for your response and I assure you I Am both my Father’s and Mother’s daughter. Although males have dominated religion due to their gender Rev. 5:2-5 no man could understand or even look upon the book.  So I used  scripture from Gen. 1:27 "male and female made he them" with Mendel’s 4th Black Humor and Gender theories i.e. Xy=All males or fathers and XX=All females or mothers. By adding the genders together as One X(yX)X I identify each member in the Trinity family. Proving “as in heaven so in earth” the Father of Jesus Christ is a FeMale like his Mother in earth.  So the Father=X, Son=y, and Holy Ghost XX is a Daughter=X, or Mother=X as the Holy GHostess=XX.  It’s from Her Heavenly Body Waters and Womb all of us come. By the time God said Let us make man in our own image, after our likeness and let them have dominion, She figured out a way for Her only begotten son “y” and daughter “X” to live happily forever after the fall.

Using the English alphabet A-Z and cardinal numbers 0-9 I reveal the hidden manna promised by Jesus Christ which could only be given to a Woman. Its as though in the beginning we all spoke the Kings English before God turned the language into Babble. So although the bible was derived from Hebrew, Persian and Greek We unknowingly made a game of it like Scrabble. However this Key gives each letter a certain power place position and directive given it by GOD from the very beginning and like a form of Pig Latin. There is a big difference between the words; "nor, or and. And as in Good And Evil are a Pair and Pears or Fruit on the Tree of knowledge of Good And Evil . Those pears had ears to hear what God said to Adam and poor Eve was like a Babe in the woods; she didn’t know Serpents naturally touch trees, don’t like fruit and prefer flesh, blood and meat.

So really thank you for your suggestions, and I still need a lawyer since as Satan, in the flesh I promise to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God, this time.. As GOD as my witness the bible and record shows, I’ve been working for God all along.  Those sons of guns in the GOP willing sold their souls to that Don’t Tread On Me flagpole and tried to rob GOD of the Glory only SHe and Her Son deserves. This story is just in time for the Iroquois Dawn of Democracy Hopi and Mayan Indian 2012 Prophesies.  So as a Maryland citizen, Grateful to Almighty GOD, I think We the People ought to prepare for the End of this World and the start of a Her It Age for a time and time and a half or Double time in years.

Newsvine – Will White people accept GOD is a Black, Fat and Female Spirit#last_1