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BurntOffering: 4) Short men use their power and money to attract

May 19, 2012

Well I defiantly care and insist that my man be taller since I’ve been tall and slim most of my life and for other reasons.   1) I like men tall dark, handsome with wavy hair just like my father, who I love, hopefully is in heaven. 2)  As a Daughter of God (DOG) born from the loins of forefathers like; Abraham, Lincoln, Melchisadec & Red Cloud there is only one man alive or God I Trust or look up to which is Jesus Christ. 3) Now our nation is run by sons of guns who love Dogs more than their  mothers or daughters called witches or whores by men claiming they were set up after being caught in all kinds of falls. 3) His story shows men were given all power to make war and laws, but chose by a 1st Amen-dment to "make No Law Respecting An Establishment of Religion, Or" God We Trust & Oaths they swore on a Bible . 4) Short men use their power and money to attract taller women, but I don’t think men really know the meaning of the word No. Especially if it comes from the mouth of a woman, who were not allowed to vote, given a choice or Descent Respect of stating opinions on religious convictions. 5) The tall and short men now days see no need to get down on one knee and ask a woman’s hand in holy matrimony, Nor understand by the word "no" they failed to affirm affinity with God and their other form of mankind.  6) Due to most recent events, I hope the tall and short sighted men in the GOP wont be allowed to See A New Heaven, Earth, Son of God and Rebirth of Freedom Without 1st Giving Women A Just Reward For Use of Her Womb or the Long Trail of Blood, sweat, labor pain, and tears that was necessary for her to travail.

BurntOffering: 4) Short men use their power and money to attract